What is changing for tech in 2021?

2020 was an incredibly challenging year and as we head into 2021, there are still a lot of mountains to climb and a lot of uncertainty. risual is here to help aid front-line organisations, and those supporting them, we want to make your lives easier.   

Microsoft has some exciting tech releases this year, so let us see what upcoming changes are heading our way. Technology automation, optimisation, and management can make a significant impact on the UK during these struggling times and risual is on hand to make a difference.  

Foldable Surface Duo  

Microsoft has announced it will be releasing it is Surface Duo Smartphone in the UK this year. The device has already been launched in the US since December. The smartphone unfolds into two screens which can be used both as one unit and as separate displays.   

Although pricing has not yet been announced for the UK, in the US it started at around $1399 which works out to be around £1100. There is lots of buzz being created about the phone and its ability to support numerous multitasking modes and its inclusion of a 360-degree hinge to allow for use in multiple positions.   

The success of Microsoft’s Surface range has led to the development of the phone. Within risual’s portfolio, we offer services that include Microsoft’s Surface ranges, allowing for better productivity for clients who have workforces that work from home or out on the road.   

Internet Explorer 11  

Since November 30th, 2020 Microsoft Teams web app has no longer been supported in Internet Explorer 11, and throughout 2021 the rest of the Microsoft 365 apps and services will follow.   

The following Microsoft 365 applications will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 11 as of the 17th of August 2021.   

  • Microsoft Outlook  
  • Microsoft OneNote  
  • Microsoft Publisher  
  • Microsoft Access  
  • Microsoft Sway  
  • Microsoft SharePoint  
  • Yammer  
  • Skype for Business  
  • OneDrive  
  • Office Delve  
  • MyAnalytics  
  • Power BI Intelligence  
  • Microsoft Forms  

To use the desktop app and the other services as normal, move to a modern browser like the new Microsoft Edge. Those who continue to use Internet Explorer 11 will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services or will have a degraded experience, including:  

  • Certain features may cease to work on applications.  
  • No Microsoft support when applications break, or you have queries.   
  • Customisation will no longer be available, and any further developments and updates will not be installed.  

New Versions of Office  

Microsoft is going to release new versions of Office for both Windows and Mac in the second half of 2021. But what does this mean?   

All server products will be available to clients who purchase a subscription license, entitling you to support, product updates, and time-zone patches. This was mentioned in Microsoft’s Ignite 2020, and details were going to be released “later”. Later is now and it has been noted that customers will not need to be an all-up cost, they will simply pay as they go.  

Stay tuned for more updates on what the latest version will include.   

Windows 10X  

Spring 2021 has been targeted for the first commercial release of Windows 10X. This variation of Windows 10 will include a simpler user interface and a more modular form. This recent version will be updated on both single and dual-screen devices.  

Windows 10X will be rolled out to businesses and education in the Spring/Summer of 2021, followed by a rollout for additional devices in 2022 Spring. Windows 10X will include the following new or updated features:  

  • New Shell – the user interface  
  • Banishment of legacy shell elements (Control Panel, File Explorer, Error Dialogs)  
  • Re-designed Start Menu  
  • System-wide search bar (that also searches the web)  
  • “Recent Activities” area that dynamically updates  
  • New Action Centre  
  • New Setup experience  
  • New File Explorer  
  • Improved Windows updates (should take 90-seconds or less to reboot)  
  • Secure by default using state-separation  
  • Dynamic wallpapers  

For any information on any upcoming Microsoft or risual products please contact our team at enquiries@risual.com or 03003032044, or alternatively keep up to date on our LinkedIn. We look forward to collaborating with you in 2021.   

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