We Are a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP (Renewed)

We are extremely excited to announce the renewal of our Microsoft Azure Expert MSP accreditation!

What is an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

The Azure Expert MSP is a global program that highlights the most skilled and proficient Microsoft Partners. Globally, Microsoft has recognised less than 85 companies and we here at risual are proud to be one of them!

This badge is designed to give our clients confidence when selecting a partner to help them on their transformation journey, whether it be Cloud, Digital, or Business – we’ve done it all. It further demonstrates our excellence in our field and gives our clients a sense of security when choosing to collaborate with us.

But what does this mean?

risual has been working on transformation projects for over ten years, and we’re thrilled to be heading into our second year of being an Azure Expert MSP. Having this program demonstrates Microsoft view risual as one of their most high-fidelity Cloud managed service providers. It has been made clear to Microsoft, our partners, and our clients that we have excellence in:

  • Client Delivery – risual is committed to customer success on Azure. Through the use of our Managed Services and frequent validation of our client’s experience, we ensure high client satisfaction. Recording this after projects in our many case studies or case notes.
  • Technical Expertise – We passed a stringent 64-step audit carried out by an independent auditor. Validating our people, processes, and technological expertise. Our robust delivery of projects and clear processes made it clear our Managed Services are one of the best.
  • Project Management – Having previously gained the Microsoft Gold Partner status, we have made it clear that our employees know their technology. Our staff has passed over 200 individual accreditation and exams, increasing our knowledge and ultimately the client’s satisfaction.
  • Azure Engineering – Through this program we now have access to advanced Microsoft support. Allowing us to resolve issues with more speed and effectiveness than ever before.
  • Managed Services

A modern IT department has the potential to change the ways in which people work to be more secure and collaborative. Through a combination of innovation, trusted leadership, and value-driven services, risual’s cloud transformation portfolio helps our clients accelerate their journeys to the cloud.

risual recently underwent a rigorous audit to confirm that we are worthy of the title Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. This audit included the following objectives:

  • Assessment of our capabilities in relation to the requirements of the Azure Expert MSP Program. We were critically reviewed on all our Azure engagements, processes, and technology management to ensure we were providing the best services possible.
  • How the sharing and encouragement of best practices are done, also the identification of opportunities for our own improvement. It was clear that with our over a decade worth of experience we had got the art of sharing and teaching our clients about their technologies down to a fine art.
  • Collection and providence to Microsoft on our capabilities, practices, and plans. Rigorous audits were carried out on the way we manage projects, engagements, and client satisfaction, the auditor looking for success.

A big shout out to the whole risual family who have helped us achieve this amazing program!

Why risual?

In 2020, over 40% of our business included Managed Services, we are experienced in not only providing the latest and greatest technology but also supporting, maintaining, and optimising your solutions. With over 575 individual certifications across our 108 employees we are prepared to lead you and your business into the modern age.

During our audit it was noted that:

“risual has an excellent Design Process, including a process describing how to produce standardised documentation for all projects.”

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