Lockdown 2

As we have entered Lockdown 2, I thought I would share my tips on how I feel it best to make the experience more bearable and improve wellbeing.

  1. Exercise – I know the morning and nights are darker but why not go out for a good long stroll at lunchtime and enjoy any sunshine and the beauty of Autumn.
  2. Cooking – I have my slow cooker and soup maker out and you cannot beat a nice chicken stew with dumplings or a roasted vegetable soup. Eating well and healthily is important and you can be creative as well.
  3. Reading – I think sometimes it is easy just to switch on the television and switch off the brain and before you know it the night has gone. I like to read instead sometimes and can lose myself in autobiographies, novels, or good self-improvement books.
  4. Gardening – I am not the biggest fan of gardening, but this is a good time of year to tidy and prepare for next year whilst getting out of the house, listening to the sounds of nature and also catching up with your neighbours.
  5. Friends and Family – I on the most part live alone (daddy at weekends) so whether that is calling, texting, or using social media I like to ensure that I participate in other people lives. Now is a great time to ask if somebody is ok.
  6. Colleagues – Keep in touch with your work colleagues and make sure you catch up for a chat or even compete against each other on PopMaster!
  7. Create memories – I love planning weekend fun and even in lockdown times there are still many things to do. A particular favourite of mine is walking with my son to our nearby woods and exploring and climbing the trees or throwing stones into the stream and rivers. I take as many photos as possible and love looking back over the years and seeing the fun we have had.
  8. Laugh – It can be easy to feel a bit trapped by the situation or the weather, but laughter is the best form of medicine. Watching a good comedy, reading a funny book and even a favourite in the Yardy household, hide and seek. To hear my son giggling away whilst hiding brings me out into a beaming smile.

Remember do things you find enjoyable, break up your day and if you feel down or unhappy, talk to someone!

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