Technology in the Charity Sector (Part 2)

Let’s bridge the digital skills gap together and support the great work Charity organisations are doing throughout the world today.

Microsoft has released multiple packages to help smaller not-for-profit organisations move into the digital age. Did you know that around the world most charity businesses who work on front lines have less than 10 employees? Microsoft has made it their mission to support charity organisations and we are right alongside them.

Microsoft have said ~

“Many small nonprofits are missing out on modern collaboration tools and operational efficiencies in the cloud that can create greater value. Due to limited capacity, outdated solutions are often deployed that offer limited security, leaving small nonprofits — and their beneficiary and donor data — vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks from hackers who see them as an easy mark. The consequences of this are real: If nonprofits don’t have cybersecurity practices in place, their data is at risk, especially for nonprofits based in high-risk areas where factors such as war and geo-politics are at play.”

In a bid to fight this challenge Microsoft has released multiple discounts, packages, and offers to ensure the charity organisations are provided with the right resources to help them overcome these troubled times:

  • Microsoft 365 Business for Nonprofits offer
  • Microsoft’s Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits
  • Microsoft Nonprofit Operations Toolkit

Stay tuned to find out more information about what these offers and tool kits mean for the charity organisations of the world and what is included within each.

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