Technology in the Charity Sector (Part 4)

In our final part of ‘Technology in the Charity Sector’ we’ll be wrapping up everything we’ve discussed and adding a few food for thoughts.

In our previous blogs we highlighted Microsoft’s new resources to specifically help Not-For-Profit organisations during their time of need:

  • Microsoft 365 Business for Nonprofits offer
  • Microsoft’s Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits 
  • Microsoft Nonprofit Operations Toolkit

Microsoft have also announced Nonprofit Data Warehouse Quickstart which is going to be accessible for all Not-For-Profit organisations, Driving data insights across your whole business and allowing charity organisations to be supported where they need it most. This new resource allows Not-For-Profit organisations to integrate separate data sources into a single location (a single data warehouse), to allow complete analysis of the data through Power BI.

By utilisng this new resource Not-For-Profit businesses can understand their data and determine the best way to apply resources, staff, and deadlines. In the long run, supporting their front line workers to deliver their mission.

We want to support Not-For-Profit companies during COVID-19’s strange times and push for great digital change. Great positive change.

Microsoft said ~

“This Microsoft Philanthropies announcement, alongside our AI for Health focus, is part of Microsoft’s larger commitment toward combating COVID-19, as we are working to support remote education and empower students around the world, enabling businesses to work from home, securing needed medical supplies and supporting local communities. Today’s news builds on our current offers for all nonprofits and we recommend reviewing our COVID-19 Resource Guide for Nonprofits for additional background information.”

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