Whilst at my first risual summit last week I felt inspired.

Inspired by the speakers who took their time to explain the amazing work we do, share ideas about best practice, inform and make us more aware of all that is happening in this amazing company.

Inspired to work smarter to help to achieve our goals; meet more of my colleagues across the business in the hope that by understanding your role I can improve my service to you in yours.

When we are inspired, we perform at our very best. 

Some of my inspiration both now and in the past has also come from outside work in my personal life.  Work life balance helps us work better as we feel more relaxed, refreshed and energised.  Some of my past inspiration is shown below in pictures.  

I think during the times we are living in it is even more important to consider self-care, especially when working from home where the distinction between home and work can feel blurred if we do not consciously make an effort to keep the balance right. 

As working from home brings a shorter commute home of around 1 minute rather than 20-30 minutes, why not use that time for yourself to reflect, relax, refresh and re-engage with your day.

Inspiration comes in many forms, however yours comes make sure you embrace it and allow it to influence all aspects of your life.

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