Why is Data Security So Important?

A data-driven business depends on accurate and reliable data security – without complete data governance, this cannot be assured. risual is here to ensure organisations have the best management of their data possible, and with that comes the best management of their security possible.

risual offer agile and unique services that allow for digital transformations.

But why is this necessary, what are the risks?

  • Legacy data harbors risk within, as data has been collated in the past under different rules and processes.
  • Without a strong understanding of the data itself, relevant security cannot be applied.
  • What regulation the data is subject to cannot be known without understanding the context in which the data is created and used.
  • Where data ownership is unknown there is no clear accountability or responsibility.
  • A data-driven business depends on accurate and reliable data – without complete data governance, this cannot be assured.
  • 80% of data is dark and unstructured i.e. photos, audio, video, text, social media, satellite imagery, presentations, PDFs.
  • There is unfulfilled value to be mined from dark data – give it meaning and purpose that will transform your business.

With the changes in GDPR regulations a few years ago, companies were scrambling to sort, store, and use their data effectively and since then the craze around data has snow-balled. An increase in roles specifically for data and digital transformation has seen companies focusing on their data strategies and in doing so attempting to upskill their staff so that their workforce is ready for the data changes.

Data security in a business is vital, it’s so important that you use it to ensure you are creating the right products, supplying the correct services and delivering the best experience that you can as a business. If you have any ideas about how data could benefit you but are unsure get in contact and we’d be thrilled to have a conversation with you around your data strategy and how we can work with you to benefit you.

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