New Microsoft Teams Features – Meeting Options

The use of Microsoft Teams has grown somewhat massively in the last few months due to lockdown measures around the world.  Lots of new features have been released, as there are demands for more and more online meetings.  This will be for people who always were using online meetings, and probably an increased number of users who are novices at online meetings.   Features are being added almost constantly to make online meetings more of ‘the norm’ or first choice in case of having a productive conversation.

One of the most recent features to be added (27th May 2020) is the ability for a meeting organiser to change the meeting options when creating a meeting.  Some simple settings, which can help secure a meeting just that little bit more and make the meeting as productive as possible. 

It looks like at the moment, this can only be configured once a meeting has been created in Outlook, and then becomes visible in the Teams Calendar App.

Open the Meeting

The Meeting is then displayed.

Click on the ‘Meeting Options’ button

This then opens the meeting in the Microsoft 365 Tenant and gives some options of who can join the meeting, and how they join.

These options just allow that little bit more control and confidence for a meeting organiser, to ensure the meeting is attended by the right people and have a good experience when joining the meeting. Look out for many more options to come.  The Teams UserVoice page is full of requests for productivity increases.

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