Coaching and risual

This week, I joined a webinar run by Kris Roberston of the Coaching Academy, about “An introduction to Life Coaching”. Primarily the session was aimed at encouraging people to enrol on a diploma to become a Certified Life Coach, however, ignoring the sales pitch, the content of the webinar was really interesting and I picked up a few ideas and approaches which I hope to develop with Charlotte to share as tools for risual colleagues to use.

As I listened to the definition of coaching and heard some example models, I was struck by some similarities with our culture and how risual behave as a company, particularly in our Development Reviews and in line with SFIA.

*The definition of coaching given was “A structured conversation about where you are and where you want to be” – sound like our development review process?

*The aim of coaching  “setting your own goals independently which often leads to greater self-awareness” – SFIA Autonomy.

*The purpose of coaching “coaching helps you to recognise the choices you have, to enable you to make better choices” which ties in with one of our priorities of Master your craft!

My follow up from the webinar will be to trial some of the models, then with Charlotte and the Operations team (don’t tell them yet they don’t know) and then hopefully out to a wider audience, through Leading for Success training.

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