Surface Flexibility

There are many devices in the Microsoft Surface range that are known as ‘hybrids’ because they offer you both laptop features and tablet features.  Whether you think it’s a tablet that can double up as a laptop, or a laptop that can double up as a tablet, Surfaces devices can significantly increase flexibility in the workplace and ease of use.

Models such as the Surface Pro and Surface Book come with a detachable keyboard feature, with this feature comes the ability to work anywhere and in any way you want. With a detachable keyboard, you are no longer restricted to the confines of your desk and chained by multiple cables. Instead you have the freedom to take your work with you wherever you go and create an infinite workplace. Even at home, one of the best things you can do to stay productive is to keep changing where you work. This can encourage fresh ideas, increase productivity, and make sure that you stay focused throughout the day. With Surface devices such as the Surface Pro, this couldn’t be any easier. The laptop/tablet hybrid feature as well as a light, sleek design and an interactive touch display make it easier than ever to get up and move without disturbing your flow.

As well as moving around your workplace, the flexibility of Surface devices also make it great for working on the go and assisting you in presentations. When you are talking to a group of people, whether it be a presentation or teaching a class, having a Surface device can make this process far more effective and efficient. Due to its weight, a Surface device can easily be carried whilst presenting, meaning you can see all of your notes on your own screen, rather than trying to handle a whole notebook. Showing examples to a classroom is also much easier too as you can use your device to how diagrams and videos that can aid learning and make the experience more interactive.

No matter what industry you work in, or if you want something for personal use, when it comes to flexibility, it doesn’t get much better than Surface devices. As leaders in the market of laptop/tablet hybrids, Surface devices are sure to enhance your user experience, drive efficiency in your processes and make life much easier for you.

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