Moving into COVID-19 recovery phase means big decisions loom

I posted some weeks ago about us entering into a strange world and being ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and I am so proud of all that risual is doing to help clients in both the public and the private sector during this wretched time. The pressure political and non-political leaders are facing day to day are excruciating, but what must bring them comfort is to see so many people of all backgrounds and interests stepping up to the plate to roll up their sleeves and help us tackle this pandemic and all the consequences that are coming with it. Make no mistake, big decisions are looming, and we cannot afford to wait.

Afterall, it was not so long ago (12th March) the Chancellor delivered an optimistic yet balanced budget (in my opinion). How times have changed having originally set aside £12billion to provide “support against the outbreak”.  That £12billion spiralled to £86b last week, with estimates today (14th May) by the Office for Budget Responsibility revising that up to £123b! The silver lining for the treasury must be that with annual borrowing is now estimated to still fall short of the post-World War 2 levels which stood at 22.1% but with no end in sight I wouldn’t be surprised if we go close or even above those levels in the very near future.

For those who reference the Financial Crash of the late 00’s, we are now into a totally different world to that. The sooner organisations can come out of the response phase and enter into the recovery phase the sooner we can start to tackle the big decisions in order to keep public finances as sustainable as possible and get the economy going again.

As my colleague Brian pointed out in Thoughts today on a better business future, “some people will just want to get back to the way things were…others may never want to work in an office again”.  For many life will never go back to the way things were and we need to retain the many good things that have come from this, we need to encourage more flexible working so carbon emissions remain low; we need to encourage healthier living by cycling or walking to work and using that data to keep a track of our health records to do more preventative care; we need to continue to bring all sectors into the fold including education and many small businesses which have been massively underprepared for this and get them actively using technology.

IT departments and providers like risual can rightly be proud for enabling so many people to work from home. risual has successfully enabled clients achieve 96 – 98% of workforces being able to work from home with productivity levels up and no breaches in security. But what else can those departments and like risual help you achieve? During the recovery phase we need big ideas, big thinking and get motoring on them straight away to ignite a spark and get the economy moving and keep public finances remain sustainable.

Many already have Microsoft 365 and the tools, we can help you turn those tools on, drive up productivity without compromising on quality or efficiency. We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with clients as they grapple with COVID-19 and we will help you into the recovery phase and beyond whether that is through improving processes, redesigning workplaces and public spaces, leveraging data to make improved and faster decision making and continue to provide support every hour of everyday if needed.

IT has played a major part in our country’s and the global response to the epidemic, it will inevitably be playing an equally important part over the coming months and years as we recover and renew this great country. But lets not wait, lets tackle the big decisions together that are looming over us all.

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