Top Microsoft SharePoint Tips

As well as Teams, Microsoft SharePoint is another application that is seeing an increase in usage at the moment. Paired with Teams, SharePoint really does enable employees to work seamlessly from anywhere, to the point where they may not even notice the difference between working in the office and working from their own home.

The basis of what SharePoint does is putting all of your documents, files, data sheets and any other important content online so that everyone in an organisation can access it quickly and easily. It also allows quick sharing of documents and collaboration between employees. If you are a new SharePoint user or would like to know more about how you can use the app more efficiently, check out some of our top tips below.

Label correctly

SharePoint features an amazing search functionality which adds a lot of value and efficiency to your daily tasks. This feature allows you to search for documents that you, or other people in your company have uploaded. Of course, this only works if you know what you are searching for.

This is why it is extremely important that you give documents appropriate labels or titles when you upload them. If you title a document correctly, this means that when someone else searches for what they want, they can find it quickly. You are also able to categorise your documents in SharePoint which makes it even easier to filter your searches and find what you need without wasting any time.

Microsoft SharePoint alerts

Often underused by most organisations, SharePoint alerts are a great feature for ensuring that you never miss new updates and uploads that are relevant and important to you. When used, you will receive an email alert when anything changes in a library or list such as updates to a folder, document, or items like tasks and events. SharePoint alerts can even notify you of calendar changes!

Microsoft SharePoint on the go

Just like Teams, SharePoint also has a mobile app meaning you can easily access documents wherever you are. Got some time to kill on the train? Why not read a page, create a news article, engage in a Yammer conversation? All of this can be done through the mobile SharePoint app.

Integrate Excel and SharePoint

SharePoint integrates extremely well with other applications in the Office 365 suite which means you can still use apps that you are used to. SharePoint then helps to bring all of your work in whatever form to one central hub where everyone can access it.

As it has been for many years, Excel is the go-to tool for many when entering large amounts of information and data. Thanks to the many features of SharePoint, you can easily import spreadsheets from Excel as a SharePoint list. Once you have populated data into your spreadsheet, open SharePoint and follow these steps:

Select More Options from the Site Actions menu > Click Import Spreadsheet from the list selection. Now you will have your data in SharePoint, accessible from anywhere.

Training = adoption

Like when implementing any other new technology, training is the only way to truly get maximum value from your investments and SharePoint is no different. If your workforce is trained during the set up of SharePoint and supported afterwards, you will increase adoption. This includes your end users and your team looking after and maintaining the new technology.

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