Take security with you when you’re working from home

With more people currently working from home than ever before, the need for security has never been greater. It is the belief of many that remote working is weak spot when it comes to cyber attacks and security breaches because it isn’t as safe as a desktop in the office. In some cases, this may be true, but it doesn’t have to be if you ensure that you use the technology available which will make all of your employees’ devices just as secure as the their in-office desktops.

The use of cloud technology such as Azure can put your mind to rest about remote security breaches. This is because Azure’s secure foundation is composed of hundreds of data centres across 50 regions, all with multi-layered protections to ensure that unauthorized users can’t get access to your data. Microsoft invests billions of dollars every year into cybersecurity, so you can spend your IT budget elsewhere.

The computing infrastructure for Azure is built on customized hardware with integrated security controls that safeguard your resources from attacks. Azure has built-in security controls to help you get protected faster across identity, network, data and tools to help you with security management and threat protection. The Azure security controls allow you to:

  • Manage identity and access.
  • Secure your network.
  • Safeguard data.
  • Unify security management to help prevent and detect security threats.

Your security is not a sacrifice that should have to be made just because you want to give your employees more flexibility to work. If you are now supporting more remote employees or plan to do so in the future, first make sure that your infrastructure is set up with the right tools to ensure that your data is safe.

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