Good News!

It is extremely easy to get caught up in negativity, especially during times like these when all that seems to be shared on the news and social media is bad news. So, to remind you to stay positive, I’d like to share with you some good news stories that have been happening recently. I hope some of these brighten up your day!

The most bio-diverse island on the planet, Madagascar, recently had its 60th birthday and celebrated by planting 60 million trees.

World Health Officials have announced that there are now 20 different vaccines for COVID-19 being developed.

After introducing an expansive return programme just two years ago, Lithuania have now become Europe’s best recycler!

Two Mexican entrepreneurs have developed a new leather made from a particular cactus species as a means of driving animal leather out the fashion industry.

A historic ruling has now granted women equal rights in the Indian Military.

After a 4-year campaign, Scottish residents and National Trusts have managed to block a protected coastline from being destroyed by a new golf complex.

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