The Benefits of Remote Working

Remote working is an aspect of the business world that is growing rapidly, probably because of the huge benefits that can be gained from both employer and employee. More businesses around the world are opting to give employees the ability to work from wherever they are for many reasons and moving into the future, you may also want to consider putting foundations in place that will at least give your employees the freedom to work wherever they want. 


Now I know what you are probably thinking, why would you let employees work from home? They’re just going to have their feet up with the TV on in the background, right? According to a multitude of studies, this is actually far from the truth. Believe it or not, a 2-year Stanford University study showed that allowing employees to work remotely has an astonishing effect on productivity, and it’s a positive one! If you’re still not convinced, check out the summary of the study and findings in this TED talk:  

Employee Health           

When employees have the option to work from home, it really is a win-win situation. Whilst employees benefit from increased productivity, employees benefit from being generally much happier. One of the reasons for this is not having to commute. You would do well to find an employee who claims to enjoy their commute to work. Whether it’s a traffic-plagued motorway or a packed-like-sardines train journey, the daily commute can have a very negative effect on an employee’s attitude and overall mood and guess what, this means a decrease in productivity!   In addition to less time travelling, remote working also often means that employees are more likely to incorporate some form of physical exercise during their day, like walking the dog on their lunch break. Even things as small as having access to the food in their own home can help improve their health as this means they’re not taking a guilty trip to KFC for their lunch. 


There is not one single organisation in existence that shouldn’t be considering steps they can take to make themselves more sustainable and eco-friendlier. This is a pressing issue that we have all been aware of for a long time now and luckily, remote working is one way in which you can become more sustainable! It probably won’t surprise you that a study conducted by the EPA discovered that employee commuting is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Another study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics found that nearly 3.9 million remote workers saved 3 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the environment… Need I say anything else? 

Preparation for the Unexpected 

As we all know, sometimes there are days when you wake up and everything has gone pear-shaped. Your boiler has broken, your child is sick, your car won’t start, there are many things that happen in life which we simply have no control over. Something that you are probably sick of hearing about now is the Coronavirus which has dominated news headlines for weeks now. As part of the Government’s plan to help reduce the spread of this disease, it has been suggested that people avoid as much contact with people as possible as recorded cases increase over the coming weeks. Remote working is obviously an effective way of acting on this advice. In times where things happen that you cannot control, organisations shouldn’t have to suffer the loss of employees being unable to work and creating the ability to work from home can prevent this. 

risual can help increase your remote working opportunities through the implementation of seamless applications that allow integration from any location. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are two applications that make remote working happen by putting your local drives in the cloud, making them accessible from any authorised account on any device. Microsoft Teams also allows instant communication via messaging, calling and video calling as well as rapid sharing of documents and files. If you have been thinking about increasing your remote work capabilities or would simply like to learn more, get in touch with us to learn how risual can help set up remote working for your company. 

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