Microsoft Teams VS Zoom

Microsoft Teams, is one of many Microsoft tools that allow for modern working, particularly allowing efficient collaboration and communication regardless of participants location, technical ability, or device.

But recently an emerging conference tech called ‘Zoom’ has been getting a lot of attention, with a recent growth to 13 million active users. Let’s look at how Zoom compares against Microsoft Teams.


Just like Microsoft Teams Zoom has a free plan and other paid options, however a keynote here is the package. Unlike Microsoft Teams, Zoom does not come with lots of extra software and tools, it is simply a teleconferencing solution not supported by any further tech.

If you’re already paying for O365 licenses the chance is you’ve already got access to Microsoft Teams so it will come at no extra cost. Microsoft Teams is included in the below O365 plans:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Business
  • Further Office 365 Enterprise plans


The base plan for Zoom includes a host limit of 100 participant, unlimited 1 to 1 meetings and group meetings but a 40-minute limit on meetings with 3 or more people in them.

The free version of Microsoft Teams has a limit of up to 300 members (users) per business, with no restriction on group meetings time and unlimited meeting potential. Also including new features such as background and screen blur as well as some of the old classics, screen sharing, audio, and video calls etc.


So, Microsoft Teams seems to have more features at a similar cost to Zoom but where does it compare in terms of privacy and security?

A recent Twitter thread suggested that Zoom could be monitoring the activity of your computer, read more into the privacy floors in Zoom here

On the other side, Microsoft states that “does not use your data for anything other than providing you with the service that you have subscribed to.” No scanning of emails, documents or teams for advertising takes place in Microsoft Teams.


When it comes to choosing Microsoft Teams or Zoom it is ultimately your choice but the facts speak for themselves when they say Microsoft Teams is more secure, has more features and you may already be paying for it so why not utilise the technology you already have?

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