Microsoft Teams in Healthcare

Microsoft Team’s ability to provide simple, secure, and successful collaboration and communication makes it a necessary tool for Healthcare professionals.

We have split the benefits of Microsoft Teams in Healthcare into 5 key areas that best support the Healthcare professionals we are so grateful for. These 5 benefits are: Connect, Coordinate, Collaborate, Concise and Confidence.


Teams allows you to send messages, take and distribute photos and make sure your staff get the urgent information you’re sending them. Microsoft ensures that Teams meets the security and compliance requirements for the Healthcare sectors, so it allows employees, partners, and patients to connect with ease.


Whether you’re in Healthcare or another sector communication and coordination is key to any successful business but is crucial particularly within the Healthcare sector because it effects lives. Microsoft Teams allows patients and staff to be updated in real time through electronic health records, business apps and the O365 suite.


Audio, video, and text meetings are enabled to anyone with Microsoft Teams, regardless of whether the collaborators are part of the same organisation. Engagements between clinicians, staff, patients, and anyone else across departments or companies are now made so much easier.


Announcements can be shared to whole companies through Microsoft Teams, providing simple and efficient methods of communication to whole organisations. Shifts and workflows can also be summarised o keep all parties up to date on information, which in the Healthcare sector is crucial.


Build on the Microsoft 365 Cloud, Teams is compliant with standards like HITRUST, SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR and so much more. Giving you the confidence for you and your staff, partners, and stakeholders to work efficiently.

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