risual and Automated Intelligence have been working together for many years, but 2019 has seen their partnership cemented. Risual’s revamp of their portfolio into the three transformation pillars: Cloud, Business and Digital has seen improved productivity, clarity and collaboration with clients.

But why should you invest in your cloud migration with risual?

Often clients want to take the lift and shift approach; they are running out of time (possibly before their current system runs out of support), budget or resource, and want to migrate as efficiently as possible. Through this approach the client will lose value and will cut their transformation journey down.

Surely, if you’re migrating to a new, fresh and modern platform you don’t want to take your old, useless and redundant data with you?

When you analyse your data beforehand, performing an intelligent migration, you can understand what data you have and control what stays, what goes and what gets deleted. Allowing you to move to your data platform with only data that you know is valuable to your organisation.

As we move into the digital age, you want to be prepared and use your arsenal of valuable data to provide insights to your clients, employees and stakeholders. Have the confidence that your data is accurate, effective and valuable.

Move into the modern age. Move with AI and risual.

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