Could this moment represent a new dawn?

As sporting events are delayed and removed from the calendar, we are all becoming experts on the meaning of a pandemic, we have moved beyond the comparisons of SARS and Swine flu and live in unusual times. My thoughts like many others are with those who are suffering as a result of coranvirus (COVID-19) as it makes its way throughout the globe.  

Without wishing to sound dramatic, it does strike me that we could be at a pivotal and key moment in our history. With the right leadership, with the advances in tech and the speed in which it continues to advance, we could be at the start of a new dawn.

Keep up-to-date with the right information:

For those of us based in the UK, I would encourage citizens, clients, friends and family to keep themselves as up-to-date on the day to day developments via the Information Guidance which can be found here.  The fascination and obsession with Social Media is unhelpful when so much #fakenews is widely circulated, particularly at these times when anxiety levels and emotions are heightened.

Show leadership:

One thing that has encouraged me has been the ‘business as usual’ attitude of many.  But also the positive attitude shown by some who have historically put off making key decisions and resisted change but in light of recent events have reacted fast to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Doing what is necessary without compromising on standards despite increasing pressure has been encouraging. Now is the time for all people to show leadership, compassion and common sense and that is what I am seeing up close on a day to day basis.

Learning our lessons:

A recent article focused on Taiwan was an example of learning lessons from the past. People often talk about learning lessons and then once the event has passed, they don’t. My gut feel is that this time some of those individuals who have perhaps historically resisted change, thought of change as upheaval or thought of it as a problem for a future decision maker could be about to have a change of heart on a few things that people in the Tech sector have been banging on about for years and years.  For the likes of risual and many of our clients having a working from home policy is just normal.

What can tech do?

Thanks to innovation and advances in technology we can collaborate with colleagues on a global scale and coordinate resources like never before. 

Resources can be coordinated on those hot spots of problematic areas through enriched data which sits at the end of your finger tips and brought to life with graphics rather then a static set of data.

Tech can enable staff to work from home with ease by putting in place the right infrastructure and putting the right tools in there hands to continue to go about their day to day basis and without compromising on productivity. 

Relieving the pressure on those already under the cosh such as doctors, nurses and civil servants is vital during these trying times. Applications and solutions can be scaled up and made flexible to cope with the varying demands.

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Next steps:

As we overcome this challenge, I implore people to use the lessons learnt and harness it into a spirit which brings about positive change and makes a profound impact on society in the long run. This moment in our history could represent a new dawn for the way our society behaves and interacts. With the right leadership, with the advances in tech and the speed in which it continues to advance, we could be at the start of a new dawn.

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