My Microsoft Surface & Me…

Coming from a background in using laptops and desktop computers, on my first day at risual I was excited to use cutting edge Microsoft technology. After picking up my new Surface Pro from the support guys, I couldn’t wait to start to play around the features and benefits after doing some independent research online.

My first real impression was how light and slim it was, this has since really been a highlight due to working while travelling on trains and not always being blessed with a seat. I have found the device easy to make quick notes, long presentations, edit work and much more while either working on my lap/ knee or if I have the luxury of a table.

Since using my device for nearly two years now, I have not had a single issue with the performance and it’s so reliable it has never let me down, whether that is snapping windows side by side or having Teams meetings while out and about or at a desk. I also find it really quick to boot up when needed and can be used with or without keyboard for presentations/ events, I find the screen really easy to work from (I use it for my full working week – never connected to others screens at home) and free from eyestrain.

For my role supporting the education team at risual, the touchscreen for instant signatures with apprentices for audit purposes is one of the best things since sliced bread and the Surface Pen – It’s thin and lightweight, but you don’t have to worry about losing it because it magnetically clings to the side of the device when you aren’t using it.

My final say would be you get all the above with fantastic O365 all rolled into one on a stylish device….What is stopping you?

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