Cloud, Cloud, Cloud…

As we head into 2020, a new decade filled with new opportunities, there is no time like the present to start your digital transformation. With a constant stream of technology updates, it’s clear to see that the ability to have the best tech at your fingertips is no longer a constant struggle to decide between similar technologies, systems or providers. The choice is clear…

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said, “Cloud computing is foundational to enabling digital transformation for any organisation.”

So regardless of industry, reach or size Cloud computing IS the start to all transformations.

But why migrate? What is so great about the Cloud?


With software inevitably going to leave hardware within the next decade or so, it is bizarre that some companies are still keeping their on-premise hardware. With the Cloud, you can cut down on capital expenditure costs, forget wasting money on servers, data centres and all the stuff that comes with it.


Security is a big thing, with the 2010s highlighting that even big brands aren’t immune to hackers, accidental data breaches and information loss its clear to a lot of businesses that security is and will continue to be a priority.

When it comes to security make sure you ae thinking Protect, Detect, Respond. Think of risual’s rMS team as your personal Security Services, ensuring you build stronger privacy, security and management practices.


Did you know that results from the Cloud Security Alliance show that 79% of companies receive regular requests from users to buy more cloud applications?

People want to collaborate, share, and communicate with one another – the excuse “the technology doesn’t let us do that”, is no longer an excuse for providing bad applications and systems to your staff. Because here we are, in 2020, and the technology most certainly does let us: collaborate, communicate, analyse, report, secure, control, drive, innovate, grow, scale, develop, succeed, edit, travel, team-up, host, resource, win, experience, transform, digitalise, train, learn, engage, dedicate, share… and so much more.

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