Alpha Phase Prototyping

For any organisation looking to create new products of any kind, prototyping is a vital way to increase the chances of creating a valuable and usable end product. Prototyping brings an interface to life and allows you to understand the nature of key components, bringing the design to life long before you look to release the final finished article.

The Alpha Phase Prototyping offering is part of risual’s Digital Transformation portfolio. Categorized under the plan and implement stage, risual’s Alpha Phase Prototyping is delivered in line with GDS Digital and produces viable prototypes based on user journeys. These journeys are identified in Discovery and are refined through continuous testing and feedback, to ensure that only useful and effective prototypes are created as a result. Along with continuous testing throughout the process, this service is also demonstrated with end users. This gives risual direct user feedback of the functionality and capabilities of the prototype, making it easier to further shape digital products to drive readiness for Beta Phase.

There are multiple features of this offering that make it an integral part of risual’s Digital Transformation portfolio. From start to finish, risual’s aim is to put processes in place to ensure a premium end result that will be nurtured in the next phase:

  • Delivered through Agile/LEAN project methodologies that are backed by DevOps processes.
  • Delivers comprehensive reporting on viability for Beta services and cost-effectiveness.
  • Provides full engagement and knowledge transfer with existing teams.
  • Produces a delivery approach and plan for Beta Phase.
  • Provides continuous Alpha assessments/support to ensure effective planning and decision making.

Some of the many benefits that you can reap from this offering include:

  • Seamless delivery through augmenting your team and providing knowledge transfer.
  • Improved understanding of user needs and requirements through continuous feedback.
  • Identification of digital development issues early through rapid prototyping and testing, to then produce solutions quickly.
  • Outcome focused solutions to deliver services.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our Digital Transformation experts to enquire about working with risual, or just to find out some more information, please follow the link below and submit the form.

Entrust your digital products and applications with risual to ensure premium end results.


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