The Customer Can Have Any Car as Long as it’s Black

Our latest podcast features risual’s Sales Manager, James Nixon, discussing how times have changed since the innovative breakthrough of Henry Ford’s assembly line and where we are headed next.

In the 70s, Ford’s assembly line was a monumental moment in the journey towards increased efficiency in the workplace. Fast forward to today and it is IT and automated intelligence that are now at the forefront in leading the way to increased productivity and innovation. In 2017, manufacturing investment increased by 4%, the highest in 4 years at the time. Unsurprisingly, one of the main areas in which this money was invested was IT.

In this podcast James also covers how IT and AI are being used today to solve ever-pressing issues such as disease, famine and climate change. These issues are becoming increasingly more important, particularly in less developed parts of the world such as Asia, but IT and AI are being used to change the way we think about operations and processes, allowing us to tackle and solve these problems.

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