If you are coming from an Azure background and you are looking to potentially expand your knowledge of Cloud Providers, to include AWS then the below table will really help you.

The below table is not exhaustive but does help with some of the more common technologies that you will see working within an AWS Environment. It does also focus on a lot of the Technologies in the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam!


Virtual MachineVirtual MachinesElastic Cloud Computer (EC2)
Azure FunctionsFunctionsAWS Lambda
App ServicesApplication PaaSElastic Beanstalk
VNETVirtual NetworkVPC
Azure DNSDNSRoute 53
Azure Load BalancerLoad BalancingElastic Load Balancing (ECB)
Azure ExpressRouteDirect Connection to CloudAWS Direct Connect
Azure Security CenterSecurity AssessmentAmazon Inspector
Azure Active DirectoryAuthentication & ManagementIdentity and Access Management (IAM)
Azure NSGVirtual Machine FirewallSecurity Group
Azure NSGSubnet FirewallNetwork Access Control List (NACL)
Azure Content Delivery NetworkContent Delivery NetworkAmazon CloudFront
Azure Archive Storage (Blob)Archive DataAWS Glacier
Azure DisksStorage Account (VHD’s, Files, Disks)Elastic Block Store (EBS)
Blob StorageCheap Data Storage (No SMB)Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)




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