The FastTrack Journey

As one of 20 FastTrack Ready Partners in the UK we are determined to drive real business value to our clients. FastTrack has a proven process that I’m going to walk you through during this blog so that you can understand further what it means to be part of the FastTrack initiative…

FastTrack has over 60,000 successful engagements, this is working with customers who have the ability and willingness to be hands on to those who are limited by internal resources and/or technical expertise. It’s a proven process that works time and time again to complete all desired transformations.

Now, let’s take a walk through the FastTrack Journey:


This is where we work with clients to define their vision, identify possible blockers and prioritise tasks – which is all built into the Success Plan. Within the envision phase is two smaller stages: Plan and Assess.

True to its name ‘Plan’ is all about planning! Developing that Success Plan, defining what the client thinks a successful deployment is, and mapping out the journey the client wants to take.

Assess is where risual will help to identify where the client’s organisation is today and from the Success Plan know where they want to be in 6 months’ time, a years’ time and 5 years’ time. Microsoft, risual and the client will work together to then prioritise the actions that need to take place and assess time periods and technical resources needed.


Onboarding is all about completing the tasks that need to be successfully done before the FastTrack team begins their work, advice and guidance is provided by the FastTrack team throughout this process. Any tasks that need to be completed before the FastTrack journey starts but that the client does not have the correct technical resource to carry out will be provided by risual for additional costs. These are called Value Added Services (services that the FastTrack team does not cover but does need to happen in order to finish the complete transformation). This section is also split into two sections: Remediate and Enable.

Remediate is where before tasks are completed. This may be the customer completing prepping work or risual providing Value Added Services to ensure successful delivery.

Once the remediation tasks have been completed, we move into the enable phase. The FastTrack team is now ready to work with the client and risual to enable the cloud solutions.

Drive Value

The final stage is simply one phase: adopt.

This is all around using tools, guides and best practices to execute the success plan confirmed in the Envision stage. Here risual and the FastTrack team will support the customer in getting end users to adopt the new cloud solutions – by leveraging online adoption resources FastTrack will help you drive value by increasing adoption.

Change management is a difficult part of the process but risual and the FastTrack team are here to help. After over 60,000 engagements we have seen average of over 29% faster time-to-value when using FastTrack over just other services. That means it is almost 30% quicker to use FastTrack then just any old company.


Through the FastTrack Journey, FastTrack Managers/Engineers and FastTrack Ready partners will provide guidance through remote support, best practices and tools to help you envision, onboard and drive value our client’s new solutions. risual services are available across the journey to support you in all stages of the rollout, supplementing the FastTrack benefit!

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