Sharepoint Web Parts Error: “Sorry, Something Went Wrong”

Web parts are individual components on a Sharepoint page, with each able to carry out their own function to enhance user experience. One thing we have seen previously is an error presenting itself intermittently within a web part. The error states “Sorry, Something Went Wrong.”.
As the error is quite generic and offers little insight into what is causing the issue, it may be difficult to troubleshoot. However, this is usually an issue relating to the distributed cache of a Sharepoint site and, namely, permissions of the web part service application. In this instance, we will use a search web part as an example for how to resolve this error:

Firstly, you want to go to the Sharepoint Central Administration console – this is where you can manage the key components of your Sharepoint environment. Next, on the homepage click ‘Application Management’ and then you will be presented with a list of titles with sub options within them. In here, under ‘Service Applications’ click the ‘Manage service applications’ option.

It is within here that you can manage all aspects of the services on the Sharepoint sites and their web parts. As mentioned previously, we are using the search web part as an example in this blog.

The search web part relates to the ‘Search Service Application’. If you click on the service application itself, you will see a ‘Permissions’ option appear in the menu across the top of the screen – click into here and this is where you will be able to assign the relevant permissions. You will want to provide the service account which you have specified to run distributed cache full access to this service application – this will be specific to your environment.

Once this has replicated (this can take a little while!), you should no longer receive the error you were previously seeing within your web parts.

Please note, although we used a search web part as an example here, the same process applies to other web parts, however the service application you need to assign the permissions to will vary depending on the web part.

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