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G-Cloud 11 Procurement Framework

RISUAL NEWS   •   27 AUGUST, 2019

G-Cloud 11 is a procurement framework owned by the Crown Commercial Service. A trusted cloud computing services framework which enables UK public sector organisation to browse, choose and buy cloud computing services. The latest G-Cloud 11 framework hosts software and cloud support on a commodity based, pay-as-you go service.

G-Cloud 11 provides a range of benefits including, access to over 30,000 services and over 4,000 suppliers to ensure every client gets more than enough breadth and services, access to the latest technology and innovation, and all services are scalable – pay for what you use, and increase or reduce what you need easily.

Launched in mid-2019, G-Cloud 11 is the latest iteration of this service, with risual successfully securing its place on the framework aligning our cloud, business and digital transformation portfolio to allow UK public sector organisations to realise their transformation strategies; able to choose from over 100 unique services from our agile and flexible client journeys and service offerings covering:

  • Assessment & strategy
  • Plan & implement
  • Optimise & support

Digital Outcomes and Specialists allow UK public sector buyers to publish a set of criteria to suppliers, which then need to be applied for by organisations such as risual. Different to G-Cloud 11, yet under the same guidance framework, the Digital Marketplace is designed to allow rapid procurement of specific projects or specialist roles to assist the UK public sector in delivering value to the taxpayer.

risual are enabled on the Digital Marketplace and can apply for any Outcomes or Specialist opportunities for any UK public sector organisation, with the exception being Northern Ireland, which we have excluded ourselves by choice to maintain our competitive edge.

Proud to be on the G-Cloud 11 Digital Market

Very proud to announce that the entire risual portfolio and offerings are now live on the new G-Cloud 11 Framework.

Discover over 100 unique services and offerings on the latest G-Cloud 11 Framework to help your organisation unlock true value from your technology. https://risu.al/V6bK

Welcome to our portfolio

Business Transformation  

Transforming the way businesses operate is not just a technical endeavour, it involves a high degree of people and culture change to find the right balance between what the business needs to be successful with its operations, and how the modern workforce can remain agile and flexible to the needs of its customers.
risual’s business transformation portfolio combines modern technology with strong people change management approaches, to re-engineer how businesses operate. Aligning key stakeholders across organisations is critical in understanding all aspects of business needs to deliver a series of integrated, secure, and accessible business services.

Digital Transformation  

Digital technologies and the economical use of data from a variety of sources has the potential to change customer interactions, providing services that are fully accessible to a variety of customer needs. A compelling customer experience is therefore fundamental to the future success of any organisation. Transforming the customer experience is the foundation of our approach and key to what risual do.
risual’s digital transformation portfolio unleashes the power of innovation by focusing on the needs of users; designing and delivering new ways to engage with your customers across multiple channels. We help clients to create their digital vision, re-envisioning customer experience, operations and business models to help you succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic world.

Cloud Transformation  

A modern IT department has the potential to change the ways in which people work to be more secure and collaborative. Through a combination of innovation, trusted leadership, and value-driven services, risual’s cloud transformation portfolio helps our clients accelerate their journeys to the cloud.
Cloud platform lies at the heart of our Cloud Transformation portfolio, bringing with it the benefits and capabilities that the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and Amazon Web Services provides. Reinventing how you deliver infrastructure services to support business operations helps you become a more efficient IT department. This frees up vital resource to continually drive value to your business, which is critical in a more competitive world, where threats can come from any direction.

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