An Introduction to FastTrack

You might have heard the word FastTrack banded about for quite some time now, but do you know what it is and what it means for you?

FastTrack is a Partner Programme run by Microsoft with the goal of helping their clients succeed in their digital transformations, whether this be data migrations, increased consumptions for dedicated workloads or exploring their O365 environment. This initiative is designed to speed-up processes and give benefits to those who have Microsoft subscriptions, for example, allowing a data migration to take place on Exchange at no extra cost to our clients BECAUSE you’re already paying for your Microsoft subscriptions.

Here at risual we are keen on transformation and working with Microsoft simply allows us to provide a wider variety of resources and guidance that will improve our client’s efficiency, consumption and optimise potential.

risual is one of 300 FastTrack Ready partners globally and one of only 20 in the UK!

This means we have gone through strict auditing on our FastTrack documentation, processes and team to see whether we are good enough to provide the highest quality FastTrack Services. And we are!

FastTrack allows risual to help our clients deploy Microsoft cloud solutions, as a benefit of their Microsoft 365, Azure or Dynamics 365 subscriptions. This means no additional expense for the duration of their Microsoft license subscription. With the FastTrack programme you can:

  • Discover the latest cloud capabilities, from planning your cloud deployments to exploring the newest tools and products Microsoft has to offer.
  • Receive guidance and best practices through your FastTrack journey from Microsoft engineers, FastTrack Managers, risual technical experts and partners all with the aim of making your transform succeed – not just for tomorrow, not just for a year from now but until you see fit to bring in newer technology.
  • Through Microsoft’s change management resources risual can help you to achieve your business requirements.

All in all FastTrack allows us to help our clients to accelerate their transformation whether it be cloud, digital or business orientated. Getting our clients where they want to be with less cost, less hassle and a complete successful transformation.

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