Leaping into Consultancy – Making the Move

What makes someone want to move to consultancy? Is it the continuous exposure to new technology, helping clients transform their business or just working in a different environments on a regular basis?

At the start of the New Year I took a reality check on my career and position. Where was I going? What more can I learn doing the role, that I’m doing? What does progression look like?

Now don’t get me wrong, my previous employer was brilliant and supportive at giving me the challenges and opportunities, needed to put me where I am today. But, something was missing and I was eager and itching for a change.

So from that (rare) meaning and thoughtful moment, I refreshed my CV, brushed up my LinkedIn profile and made myself available. After a few weeks of recruitment calls for similar roles, which I was trying to escape from, I had a message on LinkedIn. It was from my current line manager at risual. The message was simple and down to the point, if I wanted to be challenged and fulfilled and learn consultancy from a market leader, get in touch. And I did.

I was apprehensive, I mean could consultancy be what I was missing? You hear stories about the stress and pressure that can come with being a consultant and it does make you wonder. But after another (rare) meaning and thoughtful moment, I decide what do I have to lose by having a conversation.

The interview process was informal and split into 3 phases. The first phase was a call, just to gauge my mindset, as well as my skill set. Phase two was a presentation on a solution designed from a list of business requirements. Phase three… Phase three was very unusual and not something I’ve come across before. This phase was more focused around me, rather than the business. It was focused on my welfare and well being and making sure I’m aware of what support there would be for me, if I was successful.

I was taken back and I left the interview confused, thinking maybe the workload and stress is not exaggerated. I mean, why have a big piece of the interview process focus on the well being and welfare of the applicant. But I also felt, that if I was going to leap into consultancy, then risual would be there, supporting my along the way.

Safe to say I got the role, hence my first blog post and I’ve not had second thoughts since. Anyone can make a big leap and do well, if they have the right support and the right people with them along the way.

Coming soon, Leaping into Consultancy – The First Day

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