How Teams Helped My Team!

When it was first announced that we were moving over to Microsoft Teams as a business, I had no idea what it was and all that I understood was that it’s a platform that you can use to instant message and make calls which was going to be replacing Skype for Business – little did I know how great it is! Not long after I started to move over to Teams to communicate with colleagues, I really started to take a shine to it (being able to send GIFs on IM sold it to me) and I started to explore what else it does and what we could use it for within the Business Admin team to help us out.
First thing I found was that I could sync all of our files to our team site and access them through here rather than having to go on to our OneDrive group which we previously did, this meant one less place that we had to go to!

The next feature that we started to use, and I really like is the ‘To Do List’ (Microsoft Planner) – this allows you to assign tasks to people in the team and to set due dates to keep on track of them. You can also add descriptions, checklists, attachments and comments to the tasks which can make life a lot easier!

Other things that we have done is sync our shared Notebook though OneNote which is where we keep important information and sometimes work on new ideas in as well as link our Power BI dashboard for our CRM Cases to keep on top of our compliance with caseload.
After shying away from Teams at first I’ve really come to love it and I can say that it’s made things easier in the team – it’s much nicer to have all these things in one place where we can all work from and if you don’t use it much at the moment, I’d definitely recommend using it to its full potential!

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