An old dog can learn new tricks

It’s a bit wild to think that this is my first-ever blog and it’s taken me 52 years to get to this point! I have been pondering the title – it’s been in a long time in the making and these things are important you know 😊 Other candidate titles were: “A leopard can change its spots” and “You’re never too old to learn”. Anyway, enough of that – here we go.

Over the last 2 years or so I’ve embarked on a learning journey. I’ve been pushing myself to learn a lot more, build my knowledge and put that into practice to help me to be better. I’ve overcome some mental barriers and I’ve tried to do things differently from the way that I’ve always done them. It’s been amazing fun and challenging at times especially following a lifetime of conditioning of telling myself that I’m not very good at certain things. Funnily enough, when I’ve had a go at those things and kept at them, whilst I’m no expert, I’ve got a lot better at them.

I’ve been inspired by a few people that I want to call out. Alun Rogers helped to get me started by offering some interesting insights on topics that interest me – thanks Alun. The members of the risual sales and marketing team have been awesome in how they have pushed and challenged themselves to try hard things and it has been wonderful to see how they have grown individually and as a team.  My wife and children inspire and support me to be better every day. And finally, my Dad who died 5 years ago having suffered with Dementia for many years. He was a lovely, loving chap and has helped inspire me when I need to keep going (for example finishing my first half-marathon when I just felt like stopping) – if he could live with what he lived with in his latter life I reckon that anything “hard” that I need to do is relatively a piece of cake.

This is be the first in a series of blogs in which I will share some of my learning and experiences which have helped me and I hope are of value to others.

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