A risual Change, Our New Portfolio


For over 10 years risual have been experts in transformation, offering agile and unique services to our clients. We successfully help organisations realise their full potential through our: consulting, services, skills and solutions portfolio.

risual’s goal is always to improve, innovate and challenge the customer’s technology and for this to happen we knew a change needed to happen in the way our portfolio worked. So, we are introducing our latest portfolio to you…!

Welcome to the three pillars that all risual solutions, services, skills and consulting will now sit under:

  • Business Transformation
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Digital Transformation

Stay tuned for some more blogs and updates on the pillars but for now here’s a brief summary into each, and what that means for you our clients!


Business Transformation

So, if you’ve worked with risual previously you will know that driving comprehensive business transformation is at the heart of what risual does. We engage across all areas of your business; we identify areas for modernisation and improvement, and we deliver to the needs of the end users – all transforming the way you and your employees work.

Under the Business Transformation pillar risual will combine the Microsoft Power Platform with Dynamics 365 to drive benefits through the consolidation of existing services and high degrees of automation. Not only do we transform your business technology base, we enhance your end users’ digital skills through comprehensive learning and development programmes to help you get the most from your staff and enable them and your business to grow into the digital age.

Cloud Transformation

Our Cloud Transformation offering allows us to work with our clients beginning with Assessments and Strategy through to Optimise and Support, helping organisations get the best benefit from their cloud investments.

Across all cloud technologies, we work with our clients to create and implement their mobility, datacentre, collaboration and security strategies. Our expertise extends into service optimisation, cloud adoption analysis and IT service delivery so we can successfully transform your organisation.

Digital Transformation

Through the digital side of our portfolio we help our clients to increase insight and outcomes through enhanced customer engagement services linked to digital products and services. Delivered through Agile/LEAN practices, we help our clients create better revenue and growth by redefining services to drive value through open source development programmes and data and AI platforms.

With an emphasis on user needs, our services help clients to take on their digital journey with confidence; knowing that continuous improvement is at the heart of everything risual does. We ensure that the security of digital services is embedded from day one through risual’s DevOps Framework.


If this new portfolio interests, you or you want to learn more about what risual can do for you then head over to the Contact Us part of the website and we will be more than happy to show you how your business can be transformed.

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