Dynamics 365 for Talent Employee Self Service

In this post i will go through the different features of the “Employee Self Service” tab within Dynamics 365 for Talent. The Self Service tab is where end users can manage their annual leave, add certifications, track their tasks and goals and manage reviews.

The Self Service tab is the only tab available for a non admin user to access.

Requesting Leave

Within the Self Service tab employees can request different types of leave, for example:

  • Annual Leave
  • Birthday Leave
  • Sickness
  • Unpaid Leave

Once leave has been requested, employees can view all their requests along with their available balances.

Adding Reviews

Employees can organise and manage reviews by clicking “Add Review” on the Self Service page.









The employee will then need to fill in the required fields. once saved this review will then appear on the Self Service page.

Adding Certifications

Employees can manually add their certifications in to Talent using the Self Service page. The HR team will able be able to view and amend these for the employee.

As long as the certification type has been adding by the HR team the employee will be able to add any certifications they need along with the start and end date.

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