This is VORB

VORB, or Voice Operational Response Bot, is a hardware enabled speech to text natural language processing Bot designed to aid operational needs. risual developers built and leveraged existing Microsoft technologies to provide these services.

VORB is essentially a custom framework built on top of Microsoft’s Bot Framework that provides a body of core services as standard; such as speech to text transcription, image text recognition, and natural language processing. These are then augmented by adding in ‘scenarios’ which are custom built processes that provide additional functionality to the user and leverage the existing functionality of VORB.

Custom built ‘scenarios can utilise Microsoft cognitive services such as sentiment analytics, image processing, natural language processing and conversational flows in order to achieve the business requirements in a way that is intuitive, functional and more importantly fluid.

The app can be integrated into various ‘channels’ such as Microsoft Teams or Skype.  For West Yorkshire Police a custom-built Android client, designed to make the most out of VORB, was provided to allow use in the field on Android devices. Using the custom Android client allows VORB to provide a rich natively driven experience. VORB uses speech to text technology at a hardware level, leveraging native performance.

Find out more about West Yorkshire Police and how they adopting VORB here:

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