Securing the Cloud with IOT

Many people are hesitant when connecting devices to the internet, they have good reason to. 2018 alone saw many attacks such as the famous Facebook attack that saw 50 million user account compromised. British Airways saw almost 400,000 booking transactions stolen including bank card details. From your day to day accounts to a once in a lifetime holiday, hackers can steal your data. Although this is bad at the time, we can learn so much. Ensuring that transactions are secure, and that data is managed in accordance with best practice standards. Having these attacks ensures that in 2019 security is taken up with the upmost importance.

But what does this mean for the Internet of Things (IOT)? That’s a great question, surely having more devices linked to the internet opens up a business to attack and in short yes, you’d be correct. But, that way of thinking will stunt business growth and will eventually see you out. Our previous blog about IOT mentioned the amount of investment going into IOT over the next few years. 2020 alone will see that IOT has generated almost 344 billion dollars in potential revenue and 2 trillion dollars of increase productivity. Obviously, this needs securing, and this is where Microsoft are investing 5 billion dollars into securing their IOT platform.

As it stands the current IOT platform is already protecting against the previously mentioned attacks. It ensures that Devices are secured through secure provisioning and authorisation. Additionally, the connection between your devices and the cloud is secured using X.509/TLS-Based Handshake Encryption. And once your data is in the cloud it’s secured once again using Azure Active Directory (AAD), Key Vault and Policy-Based Access Control. More details around device security can be found here.

Microsoft have provided some excellent customer stories on how IOT can impact your business and how the simplest things can increase security, safety, products and productivity. The stories focus on how Azure IOT Hub has helped the likes of Schneider Electrics, Sandvik Coromant and Rockwell Automation. Click Here to find out more.

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