SQL Server 2008 will be coming to its End of Extended Support on 9th July 2019 which will affect your organisation massively.

The cost of not doing anything or upgrading your systems will be huge across your organisation including a very significant risk in terms of cyber security. Doing nothing will cause your business to be in a much more significant position where you leave yourself open to a risk of a cyber security attacks and potential data breaches. Not updating the systems will unable you to have the most up to date reliable security updates.

Although cyber security is a huge factor to many of us, you will also see an impact on your business in various other ways:

  • Downtime
  • Revenue loss
  • Loss of reputation
  • Decline in customer satisfaction

To prevent your organisation losing customers, profits and security you must begin to consider your next steps prior to the SQL Sever End of Extended Support in July 2018.

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