Have you considered a password audit?

“Security is the baseline that you have to have…no business relationship is possible without trust, so establishing that trust, and a set of principles around trust, and around compliance and transparency – especially as customers move more and now their critical business data and processes to the cloud – trust and privacy are critical components of that.”

–          Andrew Conway, General Manager Enterprise Mobility and Security at Microsoft

Any business I speak to, cyber security is at the heart. Having secure systems and having peace of mind that they will never have to worry about any of their personal information being accessed by the wrong person is always at the top of their list.

risual have developed a password audit report which will analyse every single account in your organisation and identify any passwords that aren’t unique or secure.

Why is this important?

With previous customers, risual have ran a password audit and have found multiple users have the same or similar weak passwords – ranging from CIO, HR Managers, Business Administrator, Consultants, Technology Leads etc… It is so important for each user to have a unique and strong password to prevent a security breach.

How long is a password audit?

risual will run the password audit within your organisation over the course of three days. risual do not have access to any of your passwords or private and confidential information during this audit and will only be notified of the usernames of individuals who need to update their passwords to a much more unique and secure option.

Once the audit has been completed you will be able to work closely with risual to update all passwords across your organisation to increase its security.

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