Windows 10 Reserved Disk Space for Updates!

Microsoft have recently announced that in the up and coming next major update Windows 10 will now start reserving storage space on users machines in order to ensure there is enough room for updates. Their aim for this feature is to ensure PC’s can always run as smoothly as possible by being able to run/use important OS functions. Microsoft have been seeing that when users are filling up their hard drives/SSD’s a few applications start to become unresponsive and unstable. This is why its important to have one drive so that you can move old important files into the cloud without having to worry! This is an automatically enabled feature that will be available on all devices using the 1903 update.

How is the feature meant to work?

This works by the machine placing .tmp files that have been created by critical system processes and apps into their reserved storage section. These files will also not use up storage space as the space would have already been allocated by the machine. To also stop the build up and hassle of sorting through files that are no longer necessary Microsoft’s storage sense will automatically remove unneeded files. If the reserve does happen to fill up then Windows updates will use normal disk space as usual.

Microsoft have announced that roughly 7GB of space will be reserved by this feature however this may change slightly depending on optional features and installed languages.

As mentioned before this is coming in the next update however if you are struggling with disk space for now or don’t feel like updating straight away there is always One Drive to help with your storage needs!

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