New Azure Migrate and Site Recovery Features!

Microsoft are continuing to improve their service offerings to help the journey to the cloud, the two main features they would like to talk about is Azure Migrate and Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Migrate

The Azure Migrate feature allows customers to fully understand their on-premise environment and plan how to migrate that to Azure. After user demand Microsoft have changed this to allow the migrate feature into Azure Government and Europe. If you create a migration request in the portal then the metadata will be randomly selected for this. To confirm however migrations can still be planned for other Azure regions, Azure Migrate feature allows customers to specify over 30 different regions.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is another feature that helps migrate customers on-premise VM’s onto Azure VM’s, this is done in a ‘lift and shift’ manoeuvre. Some of the Enhancements for this feature include:

Support for physical servers with UEFI boot

VMs that use UEFI boot aren’t by default supported in Azure however this can be worked around by using Azure Site Recovery. This is done by converting UEFI to BIOS during the migration, this feature was originally only available for virtual machines however has now been made available to physical servers too (Windows Server 2012 and above).

Linux Disk Support

Before to migrate Linux machines it requires critical directories to be on the same disk in order to migrate it. Additionally to this VMs that had the boot on an LVM volumes were also unsupported. With this update all of this is now supported to allow easier transitions to Azure.

For more information on these features click here.

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