Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 13!

Microsoft have just released the 13th CU for NAV 2018, included in this CU are the following fixes:

  • 285916 – No lockout added to the standard product for the NavUserPassword option.
  • 287236 – The RecordID fields grow ten times larger after an import and export.
  • 288080 – A Control Add-In does not download if only a single DLL is missing.
  • 288100 – The ShortCutDimCode 3-8 field cannot be added through the Web client when the PersonalizationEnabled function is enabled.
  • 288671 – The tooltip cannot be moved away from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Universal App.
  • 288701 – A performance issue in scrolling a permission set when there are thousands of records in the Access Control table.
  • 289096 – The FactBox in the User list does not display permission sets when you scroll records in the list.
  • 291959 – “System.InvalidOperationException SQLTransaction is completed and cannot be reused” error message is displayed when the deadlock detection is enabled, leading multiple Dynamics NAV service tiers to crash on a heavy load.
  • 292108 – Introduce a server-side parameter RetainNonInteractiveSession to prevent a massive amount of entries in the Session Event table.
  • 292550 – New server settings to disable hints in the SQL queries.
  • 293149 – Task Scheduler displays that tasks cannot open the company are not removed from the tenant database after max retries.
  • 293487 – The extension cannot be unpublished because it is used by the following tenants.

To download the CU click here.

For more information on platform and local country fixes click here.

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