Microsoft Azure Exams Simplified!

After feedback received from the community from the 3rd January Microsoft have merged both the AZ-200 and AZ-201 exam into one called AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure. Users have been mentioning that the two exams were trying to assess knowledge that was not relevant for an Azure Developer role. As Microsoft continue to develop these exams certain skills are being added and removed in order to improve the exams.

The new AZ-203 exam is said to have 70% objectives from the AZ-200 while only 30% for the AZ-201. Included in the removal were the following objectives:

  • Select the appropriate cloud technology solution (AZ-200 FG 1)
  • Design and develop applications that use media services (AZ-200 objective 3.8)
  • Develop for asynchronous processing (AZ-201 objective 1.1)
  • Develop long-running tasks (AZ-201 objective 1.3)
  • Implement distributed transactions (AZ-201 objective 1.4)
  • Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT solutions (AZ-201 FG 3)

To view more information on these changes and new exam click here.

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