If you keep up with us on social media, you may have come across something we like to call #FeelGoodFriday which is a recent initiative that has been put in place by Richard Proud and Alun Rogers, Co-Founders and Directors of risual Ltd.

#FeelGoodFriday is simple a way for both Richard and Alun to give back to the #risualFam and reward the team for all of the hard work and efforts over the year.

To make sure all of risual are having the best Summer they possibly could, Rich and Alun treated the entire company to some exciting goodies every Friday for a month.

To kick start the summer, all risualites around the UK from HQ and out on the road were treated to free ice-cream – what a wonderful way to get into the summer mood!

As you may have seen on our Twitter page the company had a burger day! Rich Proud hosted the BBQ at HQ and provided chicken, beef and vegetarian burgers along with lots of snacks! But of course, not forgetting about those not at HQ who all were treated to burgers for lunch, tea or even had their own BBQ with their families. #BurgerDay

To keep the excitement up, risual informed all employees to get a Chinese meal on Rich and Alun – but it didn’t stop there…they extended this offer to last the entire month so if you maybe were not so keen on a Chinese Friday you could save the offer to treat yourself on a lazy Sunday.

As the last #FeelGoodFriday of the summer fell on a bank holiday weekend, the board (Richard Proud, Alun Rogers, Kate Lincoln and John Pittway) took no chances with the weather. For the month of September, the lovely four gifted risual to an Amazon voucher to enjoy a film of their own choice with family and friends – again, all to say thank you for the hard work.

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