Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Cumulative update 10 Released!

Microsoft have recently released the 10th CU for SQL Server 2017. Included in this CU are the following fixes/improvements:

  • 4342424 – Improvement: Update to support QUERY_OPTIMIZER_COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL_n in USE HINT option in SQL Server 2017
  • 4344103 – FIX: MEMORYCLERK_SOSMEMMANAGER grows larger and FAIL_PAGE_ALLOCATION error is logged after you enable large page allocations
  • 4344904 – Improvement enables CREATE AVAILABILITY GROUP and ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP DDLs to set the SESSION_TIMEOUT for a configuration-only replica in SQL Server
  • 4053447 – FIX: Incorrect prompt to restart SQL Server 2017 on Linux when not required
  • 4133191 – FIX: A memory leak occurs in sqlwepxxx.dll causes the WmiPrvSe.exe process to crash
  • 4341221 – FIX: VSS backup fails in secondary replica of Basic Availability Groups in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4345228 – FIX: Slow performance in SQL Server 2017 when you run a query that contains HASHBYTES function when compared to SQL Server 2016
  • 4345402 – FIX: Synchronization of a database takes a long time to finish in SQL Server 2017
  • 4345683 – FIX: A value set for the “Accepted NTLM SPNs” variable causes an access violation during startup of SQL Server 2017
  • 4340426 – FIX: The Excel Add-in still appears on the MDS home page when the option is set to “No” in MDS Configuration Manager
  • 4346330 – FIX: Delete operation doesn’t work in an entity when you enable Approval Required permission in SQL Server 2017 Master Data Services
  • 4346643 – FIX: Errors 3212 and 3013 occur when you back up a database in AlwaysOn Availability Groups in SQL Server 2017
  • 4338715 – FIX: Many xml_deadlock_report events are reported for one single intra-query deadlock occurrence in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4338576 – FIX: Transaction delays on the primary replica if database synchronization is reported incorrectly on a secondary replica in SQL Server
  • 4340746 – FIX: No records are returned when you run an MDX query after restarting SSAS 2016 and 2017
  • 4346812 – FIX: Error occurs when you open a symmetric key that is encrypted by an asymmetric key in SQL Server 2017
  • 4347055 – FIX: Out of memory error when you run SQL Server 2017 inside a Linux Docker container
  • 4347088 – FIX: Out of memory error occurs even when there are many free pages in SQL Server
  • 4100582 – FIX: Leakage of sensitive data occurs when you enable DDM function in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4456883 – FIX: Change Tracking cleanup messages unexpectedly recorded in error log for Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server
  • 4341398 – FIX: Event notifications for AUDIT_LOGIN and AUDIT_LOGIN_FAILED events will cause an unusual growth of TempDB in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 2932559 – FIX: Totals are wrong after you filter on a pivot table item and remove the filter in SSAS

For more information on the CU click here.

To download the CU click here.

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