risual:NXT has come to a close

Wow, what an event (took the words right out of your mouth, didn’t I?)!

If you don’t follow us on social media (Which you totally should) then you have seriously been missing out on the risual:NXT event updates.

Unfortunately, after countless months of building up the excitement for risual:NXT, it’s officially over.

Over several months the risual marketing team have been on a mission to plan, organise and execute risual’s biggest and best event yet. With lots of busy days and deadlines to meet, I think it’s safe to say the event was a great success and all the hard work has paid off.

If you didn’t manage to attend risual:NXT, we’re here to give you a run through.


The sessions that were put in place were to cover as many topics as possible, to make sure there was something for everyone. We had sessions running such as, Apprenticeships, Tech Trends in 2018-2020, Power BI Dashboard in 30 minutes, Modern Workplace, Cloud Computing and the 4th Industrial Revolution, Collaboration, Microsoft Cloud, and many more. But not only were there a variety of sessions for you to attend, we also had our lovely customers present on their experience and journeys.


As exciting as it is having risual staff present to you all day long, we thought it’s best we get some special guests to help us! We had a line up of great speakers from across various organisations including, Chris Perkins (Senior Director, Public Sector at Microsoft), John Henderson (Chief Executive at Staffordshire County Council), and many many more.


What’s an event without your lovely partners there? We just want to say a huge thank you to KEMP Technologies, DocuSign and Metalogix who all sponsored risual:NXT and supported us on the day. If you’re interested in finding out more about who they are, what they do and how they can help your business, click on the company names!


Ah, prizes! Everyone loves prizes! Well, what do you think about winning a brand-new Microsoft Surface Laptop by just following and tweeting us throughout your day?! Sounds great doesn’t it?! Well – one lucky person who attended the event surely did leave with a grin from ear to ear, congratulations to our winner and runner ups who all left with exciting prizes.


Saving best ‘til last, risual hosted a snack shack which ran throughout the day providing foods to suit everyone’s dietary requirements and preferences. Not only this, risual also provided the infamous risual water and risuale which we can see clearly it went down an absolute treat.


Well, I could talk to you about risual:NXT for hours on end, but I think you get the message – risual:NXT was fabulous, and we thank everyone who attended and supported us with such a successful event.

Don’t forget to email marketing@risual.com if you would like a copy of any of the slides presented at risual:NXT.

That’s all from us, until next time. 😊

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