The May 2018 CU for SharePoint 2016 has now been released!

The CU provides the following fixes and improvements (Referenced from

  • If the proxy for the Project Service Application services already exists when you create a new Project Service application by using Install-SPService –Verbose command, an additional proxy for the service is created.
  • When you publish a project in which the process updates the Summary Resource Assignment to a later date, the publish fails if the server is configured to use a date format other than MM-DD-YY.
  • When an item is deleted from the usage analytics caches, the item is now also deleted from the analytics reporting database.
  • If you don’t have sufficient permission to mount a content database to a farm by using the Mount-SPContentDatabase cmdlet, the cmdlet fails and the database is dropped unexpectedly.
  • This update introduces the “My Site creation default to OneDrive in Office 365” hybrid feature in SharePoint Server 2016. After you install this update and enable this feature, hybrid-enabled users can have their OneDrive personal sites provisioned in the cloud instead of on-premises. On-premise only users can still have their OneDrive personal sites provisioned on-premises.
  • You cannot use the SharePoint Term Store Management UI in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
  • The WebPart.ZoneID property is unavailable in the Web Part information.
  • SharePoint emails that are longer than 1,000 characters could become corrupted at the 1,000-character position. Depending on what content happens to be at that position, the corruption could be minor (corrupted text) or severe (broken HTML markup).
  • This update fixes the following three issues with the SharePoint Properties Panel:
    • When you save a SharePoint properties panel with required properties for the first time, you cannot find the properties.
    • The DateTime format is assumed to MM/DD/YY.
    • Drop-down of lookup type is set to nil when the label is selected.


This public update delivers Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016, which contains the following feature:

  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

This public update also delivers all the features that were included in Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016, including:

  • Administrative Actions Logging
  • MinRole enhancements
  • SharePoint Custom Tiles
  • Hybrid Auditing (preview)
  • Hybrid Taxonomy
  • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises
  • OneDrive for Business modern experience (available to Software Assurance customers)

You can download this CU from

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