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Who you gonna call?

When there’s something strange, and it don’t look good, chances are your organisation could potentially be under attack. Okay so your virtual doors are locked but just like a spectre who can walk through walls, cyber criminals will find other methods to enter through other means, you need to ask yourself have you really done all you can to prevent an attack?

Both risual and Microsoft recommend you invest in three key areas of security to keep out uninvited guests, those are: Protect, Detect and respond. By focussing on these 3 areas you are taking the correct measures, like garlic to a vampire you are protecting your data from attack.

Since the inception of cloud services you need to rethink how you approach security, and  have a change in mindset, especially with the move of business services such as email, file services and other apps now being moved over to the hosted cloud, this means the old ways of protecting are now no longer effective. If you don’t already possess (get it?) the correct tools and know how then your data is and will be at risk.

We have all read horror stories of data being stolen from organisations, this can be however avoided by detecting the threat early. Times have now changed since the days of organisations focussing solely on securing their devices and the operating system. This however still has a part to play in your overall security, but the underlying message must shift, and you now need to look to lock down your credentials across all platforms.

Remember when The Ghostbusters said to never cross the streams as it had never been done? It was essentially fear of the unknown. Here at risual HQ we have done plenty of testing to combat all threats across all platforms, PC’s and Mobile alike. You’re in safe hands thanks to apps like the Azure Active Identity Protection which digs out all supernatural and suspicious incidents, such as multiple logons from anywhere around the world. Spooky eh.

So when it comes to Security make sure you are thinking Protect, Detect, Respond. Think of our risual Security Services who can help build stronger privacy, security and management practices.

As Dr. peter Venkmen himself said “I love this plan, I’m excited to be part of it, let’s do it!”

Meet our team of experts ranging identity and access consultants, cloud architects and business analysts who are all well-equipped in security services and have the right skills to secure your modern productive enterprise.


If your data centre goes bump in the middle of the night?

Maybe you have gremlins in your system?

Or if you came in the office and find your data moved and not where you left it?

Who you gonna call?

Blog by Jason Gardner

Marketing Assistant at risual


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