risual have and always will be extremely passionate about giving back to the local community and lending helping hands where it’s needed. Our risual co-founders and directors, Richard Proud and Alun Rogers are extremely passionate about supporting the local community in as many ways as possible, it really means a lot to the  #risualFam to help out when we can.

This is why we are so pleased to announce that we have recently been Highly Commended for our ‘Action Days’ with making a real difference to the local community and local people. We are proud to have been recognised for our charity work and support with the local community.

Check out some of the facts about risual taking part in charity work:

·         163 of our employees did charity work this year

·         323 days have been spent doing charity work

·         £10,000 has been donated to charities

·         444 hours of manpower donated

·         6 charities helped

·         74 hours on average donated to each charity

“risual employs the nicest people ever, fact. Regardless of age, job title of anything else, I don’t think I met anyone during the mothership week (or since I’ve started at risual) who wasn’t polite, respectful and helpful.”

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