The windows 10 experience with risual

‘It’s all about the experience…’

Windows 10, delivered by risual, helps businesses become more secure, more productive and provides more control over their costs than ever before.

Risual are the trusted Microsoft Cloud transformation specialist. We’re experts in helping organisations migrate to new desktop platforms and in ensuring they experience the full range of associated business benefits.

We offer customers an end-to-end solution that extends from initial procurement, configuration and deployment to ongoing management and maintenance of the systems post-deployment.

When it comes to Windows 10, we offer a fixed-price migration, which includes all licensing and management fees. This enables us to stand out from the crowd by accepting all the risks connected to the migration. Plus, we’re ahead of the game in terms of managed devices by being able to deploy Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite through our Surface-as-a-Service offering.

We worked with Imperial Tobacco to deliver improved efficiency and support of their services by updating their existing infrastructure to assist their employees in better with our Unified Communications solution.

Karen Charlton, Corporate Centre IT Infrastructure Services Team Leam Lead at Imperial Tobacco, said: “I knew that we would get absolute honesty from risual regarding the capabilities of the solution that had been delivered, along with a pragmatic approach to finding alternative ways to meet our requirements.”


Identity safe:

·         Windows Hello – fingerprint, facial and iris-based recognition for enterprise-grade security

·         Credential Guard – to prevent credential thefts

·         Passport: an easy-to-deploy, two-factor password alternative

Data safe:

·         Windows Defender – robust anti-virus protection built-in to all Windows 10 devices

·         Bitlocker Drive Encryption – for protecting all the files placed onto a device

·         Enterprise Data Protection – secure your line-of-business apps and corporate data without affecting personal data

Device safe

·         Device Guard – rigorous access controls that prevent malware and untrusted apps from running on your devices

·         Secure Boot – ensures that your PC boots using only trusted software

Threat safe

·         Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – helps you detect, investigate and respond to advanced and targeted attacks before they impact business.


Start faster

·         Windows 10 starts up to 28% faster than Windows 7

·         Work seamlessly across devices with a universal Windows experience

Find faster

·         Cortana makes the location of information on the PC, web and within apps a whole lot easier

Work faster

·         Snaps apps in place, see open tasks in a single view, create virtual desktops etc.

·         Choose your own style of working using speech, type and pen modes

Discover faster

·         With Microsoft Edge, it’s easier than ever to read, share, learn and do.


Save time – Advanced deployment options including dynamic provisioning and in-place upgrades can cut deployment times from hours to just five minutes

Reduce costs – The built-in security inside windows 10 means you can spend less on malware, anti-virus and device encryption

Simplifying IT management – Reduce desktop management time by an average of 15%, while simplifying line-of-business app distribution with the new Windows Store for Business

The result – A potential return on investment for your business of 188% within three years


Check out our Windows 10 infographic of essential facts and figures here.

Check out the Windows 10 experience with risual leaflet here.

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