What challenges do today’s modern workforce face?

Today’s workforce faces ever increasing demands on productivity, often within tight timeframes and with the added complication of information and technology overload.

What challenges do today’s modern workforce face?

  • Users work within with various unconnected applications, navigating multiple windows and different interfaces. Files are moved from one location to another, dependent on each activity, ultimately resulting in lost, isolated and duplicated data.
  • It is difficult to locate the people, information and tools needed to complete daily tasks, often having to make numerous calls, send speculative emails and trawl through local folders and network shares to find the information required.
  • Users experience delays and bottle necks when working on joint deliverables, allocating windows of ownership to files so that sequential updates can be applied.

Whilst these challenges often cause frustration in the workplace, they also result in significant amounts of lost time in locating and verifying the resources required.

In our webcast we’ll be reviewing the various collaboration tools provided my Microsoft, including SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer and OneDrive for Business. We’ll walk through a number of common use cases, and using live demo’s, show how these tools can provide a unified solution that tackles the common issues outlined above.

The webcast takes place on the 23rd Feb – http://ow.ly/I4Eye

To request a webcast recording please email – marketing@risual.com

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