Lync Meeting Web Scheduler

So you need to schedule a meeting but you don’t have access to outlook so you can use either

  • Lync Web Scheduler
  • OWA (If using Exchange 2013 SP1)

This blog post will focus on Lync Web Scheduler, an OWA one will follow shortly.

Lync Web Scheduler

Lync 2013 include a Web Meeting Scheduler out of the Box and in Lync 2010 it was an optional component installed on the Lync Front End Servers which can be downloaded here .

It’s a web page that users can navigate from their browsers, sign in and do the following:

  • Schedule new Lync Meetings
  • View their own existing meetings details
  • Modify existing meetings  (If scheduled with Web Scheduler)
  • Delete meetings (If scheduled with Web Scheduler)
  • Send meeting invites to participants
  • Join existing scheduled meetings

The web scheduler is useful for users without the Outlook and the without the Outlook plugin using Outlook 2003 or using a mac.

To access the web scheduler on Lync Standard Edition open your browser and type in the Lync Front End Server FQDN (as is the same as the Internal web services URL) then add forward slash “scheduler” eg. https://<LyncStandardEditionServername>/scheduler

For Enterprise Edition you can enter the Internal web services URL associated to the Pool with / scheduler. eg. https://<lyncInternalWebServicesURL>/scheduler

Screenshot of the Lync 2013 Web Scheduler can be found below:


Enter your domain credentials and click continue

Here you can click the tabs to view “My Meeting” and  “Create a new Meeting “

Create New Meeting


Enter the meeting details, Click Save and it will open a dialog box with the meeting details as shown below.

You must copy and paste these details and send a meeting via request via Outlook to the meeting participants if SMTP on the Lync servers has not been configured.

If SMTP Server is already configured in IIS, users can opt to automatically send an email invitation to all meeting participants.


View a Schedule Meeting

Here you can edit a meeting, view meeting information, export, delete a scheduled meeting and join the meeting


Happy meeting scheduling.


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